I am aware of visual poetry and flaws in perceptional understanding. The work usually manifests as a parody of an ordinary scenario. It singles out the essence from the prose of mundane which can be neither truly remembered nor forgotten.

By shifting points of view and the double meaning of words, the work aims to envelope viewer within the ‘eureka’ moment. Through a complete experience the audience can reinspect what we look but do not see in everyday life.




2012   Fine Art BA(Hons), Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham, UK 

2009   National Diploma in Art and Design, University for the creative arts in Canterbury, UK



2020      Jun ///  'After Nothing Happens', Rossi & Rossi, Hong Kong

2019      May ///  'Nocturnal Pursuits', Cross Harbour Terminal at Zit Dim, Tai Nan

2016      Oct ///  'Day in, day out' , Rossi & Rossi, London

2013      Sep ///  'When The Nights Are Getting Longer' <當夜慢慢地>,100ft park, Hong Kong

          Jul ///  'Sight Reading and the other short stories' <偶然, 然後>, ACO, Hong Kong

          May ///  'Sleeping Waves' <失眠的羊>, soundpocket, Hong Kong


2018      Mar-Jun /// 'SUPERPOSITION: Equilibrium & Engagement', 21st Biennale of Sydney,
                      Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, Sydney


Group Show

2020      Oct /// 'Post Anthropocene <後人間世>, 'Subzoology': 2020 Taiwan Biennale, Zit-Dim Art Space, Tainan

2019      Nov /// 'Theatre of New Gods' <新神劇場>, Rossi & Rossi, Hong Kong

          Sep /// 'Very Natural Actions' <藏木於林>, Tai Kwun, Hong Kong

2018      Nov /// 'A Tree Fell in the Forest, and No One's There', Power Station Of Art, Shanghai, China

          Jun /// 'KOTODAMA' <言靈>, Para-site, Hong Kong

          Mar /// 'Women in Art: Hong Kong', Sotheby’s Hong Kong

2017      Dec /// 'Human Rights Art Prize Finalist Exhibition', Blindspot Gallery, Hong Kon

          Jul /// 'Mark Chung, Nicole Wong, Silas Fong', Gallery Exit, Hong Kong

          May /// 'Self Criticism -How much time we have wasted?', Inside Out Museum, Beijing, China

          Jan /// 'Through the Lenses', Chi K11 Art Space, Hong Kong

2016      Oct /// 'At Wit's End', Asia Culture Center, Gwangju, Korea

          May /// 'Songs without words', 100ft Park, Hong Kong

2015      May /// 'ART15', London, UK

          Jan /// 'After/image', pureartfoundation, Hong Kong

2014      Apr /// 'Artspiration of Bread', Oil Street Art Space, Hong Kong

          Mar /// 'Griffin Art Prize’, White Moose Gallery, Devon, UK

          Jan /// ‘Griffin Art Prize’, High House, Oxon, UK

          Jan ///  High House, Oxon, UK

2013      Dec ///  ’These Shores’, Yallay Space, Hong Kong

          Dec ///  ’Hong Kong Busan Cultural Exchange Exhibition’, Busan Cinema Centre, Busan, Korea

          Nov ///  ’Simularcra Affinity’, Hong Kong Visual Art Center,Hong Kong

          Nov ///  ’Griffin Art Prize shortlist exhibition’, Griffin Gallery, London, UK

          Oct ///  ’Triad conversation: Cultural Diversity’, Namsong Art Museum, Korea

          Sep ///  ’Object abused’, Spinach, London,UK

          Jun ///  ’HKC Awarded exhibition’, Moon Gallery, Hong Kong

          May ///  ’Artists in HK’, Hong Kong contemporary art fair, Excelsior Hotel, Hong Kong

          May ///  ’Hong Kong Art Prize’, Wheelock Gallery, Hong Kong

2012      Sep ///  ’INVASION’, Birmingham, UK

          May ///  'Not another colour exhibition’, 35Gamble Street, Nottingham, UK

2011      Oct ///  ’Wonderbread', Malt Cross Gallery, Nottingham, UK

2008      Nov /// ’Letters from Margate’, Turner Contemporary, UK

2020   Sep /// 'On How to Say Goodbye', Suitcase Institute.

Grant and Awards

2013      Finalist in Griffin Art Prize, London

          Finalist in Hong Kong Art Prize, Hong Kong

          Grand prize in Hong Kong Contemporary Art Award, Hong Kong

          Soundpocket Artist Support Programme, Hong Kong

Media and press

2018      May /// 無形, 號外

2017      Aug /// Asia Art Pacific

2016      May /// 好想藝術, TVB

2014      Oct ///

2013      Aug /// Cover Magazine Interview

          Jun /// 文化新領域, TVB

          May /// Radio interview 雜集誌, 881903

          May ///  夜已深: 《失眠的羊》王思遨個人展, 林藝文森 Sam “The Forest” Lam on Art and Culture 

          May ///  文化快訊, RTHK