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Yang Yeung

Hi Nicole (not sure if your hotmail still works, so this may be a duplicate), connecting with you on behalf of Art Appraisal Club. We wanna organise an online public discussion to bring out artists' perspective in response to the times (so many challenges these two years). We think of you and 2 other artists (South Ho and Sharon Lee). Our thinking is, can we pause and reflect more on artists' responses? Would u be interested? We can have a pre-meeting (artists + Art Appriaisal Club in private first), to have a sense of what's important to talk about, and then go from there. How does this sound?

Someone hopelessly in love (with art)

I watch the setting sun and a poem by Erich Fried comes to my mind: It is nonsense says reason. It is what it is says love. It is calamity says calculation. It is nothing but pain says fear. It is hopeless says insight. It is what it is says love. It is ludicrous says pride. It is foolish says caution. It is impossible says experience. It is what it is says love.

just a fan

O. M. G. This exists

felix lópez

Hello, my name is Felix, I am doing my doctoral thesis at the University of Seville about the destruction in contemporary creation and I am very interested in your pieces that deconstruct paintings. I would need to be able to ask you some questions and explain how you do these works of art. Thank you, I await your response.

felix López

hola mi nombre es felix,estoy haciendo mi tesis doctoral enla universidad de sevilla sobre la destruccion en la creacion contemporanea y estoy muy interesado en tus piezas que deconstruyen pinturas. necesitaría poder realizarle algunas preguntas y que me explicase como realiza estas obras de arte. gracias, espero su respuesta.